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Empowering contractors and installers with strong, stable, time-saving ceiling and wall systems


On the job site, saving time means saving money. That’s why CertainTeed Architectural innovations are designed to make installations faster and easier. CertainTeed Architectural manufactures ceiling and wall products and suspension systems that can help you work more efficiently.

CertainTeed Architectural helps you solve building problems quickly, while tackling the most demanding challenges in installation.

Built for Speed & Ease

At the core of the company’s strength is a wide range of innovative ceiling and wall products. From acoustical panels and suspension systems to unique ceiling showpieces in metal, felt, fiberglass, and wood, CertainTeed Architectural has the right solution for every space and every budget — all with the backing of in-house technical experts and world-class customer support.

Beyond Products

But it’s about more than just manufacturing at CertainTeed Architectural. It’s about thinking beyond products to develop solutions that work dependably in the field, making the construction and installation process easier, and providing technical advice and installation support when needed at any step of the process.

It’s not uncommon for CertainTeed Architectural field specialists to visit jobsites for consultation — often within a couple of days — to help installers spot unique details early in the project. Or to provide more immediate feedback on particularly challenging jobs, they may even suggest sending reflected plans and project specifications directly to their office.

“We always have the people who are using our products in mind,” says Tom Murray, CertainTeed Architectural director of product management for panels and suspension systems. “When we create products or offer technical support, we’re focused on how to make the installation process quicker and easier for installers — and how that can create cost-efficiencies for contractors.”

Solutions for Installers by Installers

When developing or enhancing product lines, the CertainTeed Architectural team starts by listening. That’s especially true with company’s versatile line of acoustical and drywall suspension systems. Direct feedback from the field has helped to innovate solutions that have yielded measurable value for contractors, such as features and accessories that reduce the number of required hanger wires. Such solutions are tested with trade professionals before launch to ensure reliable on-the-job performance. CertainTeed Architectural innovations are made with installers in mind.

True Building Partners

CertainTeed Architectural is committed to providing the essential systems contractors need for commercial projects, with innovations powered by expert knowledge, in-the-field experience, and customer feedback. This real-world insight helps to continually improve solutions, putting money back in contractor’s pockets with strong, stable, time-saving systems.

But it’s not just the ceilings, walls, and suspension systems that make CertainTeed tick. It’s also a constant focus on the people who use them — the contractors and the installers — and making their jobs easier.

“Ultimately,” says Murray, “our goal is to continue to be a trusted partner in the construction process.”

June 2021 | Volume 84 | Issue 6

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