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Clark Dietrich

Free up more time for the things that matter.

Clark Dietrich

No doubt the top-notch work you do is a priority. But there’s probably family, favorite hobbies or some quality off-the-clock hours topping your list, too. Turn to ClarkDietrich for framing and finishing products that eliminate extra steps and slowdowns—so you get more time for what you love.

Streamlining Specification

It all starts with our data-rich resource for streamlining product lookups and specification: ClarkDietrich iTools. Skip complex load tables and access the platform from a desktop or mobile device to perform fast calculations. Our iTools also provides a range of compliance information all in one place—including limiting heights, UL fire protection and STC sound ratings. It even performs instant cost-saving calculations on our most popular time-saving products.

Simplifying Installation

Across our vast portfolio, you’ll discover multiple solutions that reduce the materials, steps and training needed to do the job right. All are designed to boost both installation speed and overall build quality.

For a leading example, look to RedHeader Pro.™ By eliminating field cutting, preassembly and a lot of extra components, this system makes rough openings far less of a chore.

Our BlazeFrame® deflection track products do double duty by speeding up installation and delivering built-in fire safety code compliance. Where conventional firestop methods require caulks, sealants and added steps, our method lets you frame and firestop simultaneously.

Our smarter, faster, better construction philosophy is just as relevant to our finishing systems. BackerBead® with E-Flange™ is an ideal case in point. It features a factory-applied closed-cell backer rod that’s properly aligned and adhered to the casing bead. It’s a two-in-one product that provides 80% more stucco embedment.

Delivering Support

Let ClarkDietrich take other time-consuming tasks off your hands. We have four engineering offices, over 50 engineers and technicians on staff, plus nationwide reach.

You can also turn to our technical service experts for immediate responses to general questions, help with detailed specification issues, and more.

Summing it All Up

Whether it’s our digital tools for selecting the best products, efficient framing and finishing systems, or responsive support services, we’re looking to bring more quality to your projects—and more free time to your life.

For more information, visit clarkdietrich.com.

June 2021 | Volume 84 | Issue 6

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