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CRANE Composites

GLASBORD hygiene + durability enhanced with Surfaseal

CRANE Composites

Protect your commercial facility with Crane’s HACCP certified resilient wall panels. Tough surfaces that assist in food safety, making cleaning and maintenance simple for environments such as restaurants and food processing plants.

When you need grace under pressure, fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) panels are the perfect choice for your walls. From moisture and germs to daily dirt and grime, our FRP panels are able to stand up to even the toughest environments - without sacrificing style and beauty. As the first and largest global manufacturer of FRP wall paneling, Crane Composites offers the industry’s most innovative and resilient FRP panels, backed by our expert technical and installation support staff.

The Surfaseal film finish, found only on Glasbord, provides a barrier that’s highly resistant to impact and scratching. Because of our unique process, the Surfaseal finish will not trap soil or bacteria on the panel. The surface is up to 10 times easier to clean and up to six times more stain resistant than other sanitary wall systems.

June 2021 | Volume 84 | Issue 6

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