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QuietRock® By PABCO® Gypsum
The Original Sound Reducing Drywall

QuietRock® by PABCO® Gypsum is the first and most technically advanced sound reducing drywall in the industry. With over 40 U.S. and foreign patents and patent applications, QuietRock achieves high sound attenuation and fire resistance in one product using less space, less material and less labor than conventional alternatives. Its advanced development team and a broad network of distributors and contractors contribute to thousands of QuietRock projects across the U.S. and Canada.

The QuietRock Advantage

Construction professionals that include QuietRock in their projects can eliminate the need for more costly and labor-intensive alternatives such as resilient channel and multi-layer assemblies. QuietRock delivers reliable acoustic performance at a low installed cost—saving time, labor, materials and valuable floor space. It installs and finishes just like any standard gypsum panel product, requiring no special training to use.

Dedication to Acoustic Testing

PABCO Gypsum has conducted more than 1,000 ASTM E90 Sound Transmission Loss (STL) tests on various assemblies. This level of testing and analysis on building noise control is rare and reflects PABCO Gypsum’s commitment to the development and progress of the building construction industry. Our Sound Design Guide is a transparent and comprehensive resource for sound and fire information containing over 100 tested wall assemblies that have been rated for fire resistance and acoustic performance.

The QuietRock Panel to Meet Your Needs

QuietRock products are suitable for commercial and residential projects both for new construction and retrofit. The product is used most frequently for education, healthcare, hospitality, entertainment, single and multi-family applications. Below is our portfolio of QuietRock panels.

  • ES—5/8” First sound damping panel with patented EZ Snap® technology that scores and snaps like standard gypsum panels, Type X

  • ES MR-5/8” patented EZ Snap panel with mold resistance, Type X

  • 510—1/2” Sound damping panel ideal for residential and remodeling applications

  • 530—5/8” Impact resistant sound damping panel, Type X,

  • 530 RF-5/8” Sound damping panel with radio frequency shielding, fire and impact resistance

  • 545—1-3/8” Highest performing sound damping gypsum panel available, ideal for commercial theaters and music studios, 2-hour fire rating

Specialty Products

QuietRock® 545

QuietRock 545 is a multi-layer gypsum containing composite panel engineered to provide maximum sound attenuation (60-80 STC) across a broad frequency range. It provides the highest sound isolation performance on the market at low frequencies (50 HZ to 100Hz) which is often difficult to achieve. Most recently QuietRock 545 passed a 2-hour fire test with one panel on either side of the wall, proving that it is truly a super panel. The product is ideal for high-end home theaters, commercial theaters, professional studios, music rooms, and other projects where low-frequency mitigation is critical.

QuietRock® 530 RF

QuietRock® 530RF is a high-performance sound damping gypsum panel that delivers superb noise reduction, radio frequency shielding along with fire and impact resistance. This specialty panel is typically used in the construction of high security environments such as SCIF rooms, government offices and data centers where radio frequency disturbances can affect sensitive data and equipment.

Visit https://www.quietrock.com/ for more information.

QuietRock ES U.S. patent numbers 7,799,410 and 7,908,818.

QuietRock ES Mold Resistant is covered by U.S. patent numbers 7,799,410 and 7,908,818.

QuietGlue® Pro is covered by U.S. patent number 8,181,738.

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