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Panel Rey

Panel Rey: the leading manufacturer of drywall gypsum and cement board in Mexico.

Panel Rey

Panel Rey, a 100% Mexican company with a global vision and cutting-edge technology, offers comprehensive construction solutions based on a system of galvanized steel structures covered with drywall.

Our products and services

Since 1986, Panel Rey has developed lightweight construction systems for industrial, commercial and home building. In this time, we’ve created a wide range of products, from exterior and interior walls, ceilings, as well as finishing compounds to give the final touch to any project.


Regular Gypsum Board: Inexpensive and practical. Ideal for covering and protecting newly built or refurbished walls and ceilings. Acoustic and thermal insulation.

Light Rey: Lighter than a regular ½" board. Ideal for ceilings and walls. Fireproof gypsum core. Covered on both sides with 100% recycled paper.

Fire Rey X: Our fireproof boards for interiors offer high temperature resistant fibers, that are useful for safety and protection in case of fires.

Guard Rey: Specially designed to provide protection against the growth of mold and microscopic fungi.

Glass Rey: Covered with fiberglass on both sides to resist fungi. With a fireproof core specially designed to prevent water absorption.


Ultima Light Panel Rey® Joint Compound: Our best seller compound, designed for treating fasteners, finishing joints and corner beads, as well as applying finish coats, textures and small repairs. It is 20% lighter than traditional compounds and has been formulated to prevent cracking and reduce shrinkage.

All Purpose Panel Rey® Midweight Joint Compound: Specially designed for professional installers who require an easy and practical application with appropriate adherence to the substrate.

Topping Panel Rey Finishpro: Our specialized compound for topping. Easy to mix and has a smooth application. Its light-yellow color makes each step of the job easier to identify.

Easy Set 5, 15, 20, 45 and 90 minutes: This light compound has a controlled setting time, ideal for a variety of interior and exterior applications, based on the working time and the chosen setting time, which permits joints to be finished quickly and immediate decoration.

Framing System

Supra Framing: A sturdy and competitive option made to match the high American market standards, a family of metal products for lightweight construction, backed by a high-level manufacturing infrastructure and using certified first quality materials.

Quality and sustainability

Panel Rey is committed to ensure product quality and customer satisfaction by using the strictest control procedures.

Panel Rey gypsum panels exceed ASTM standards, thus contributing to its positioning as a leader in the mexican market and to successfully export to the United States, Canada, Central and South America.

Our products are also granted with the Underwriters Laboratories Greenguard Certification, for low content of Volatile Organic Compounds, and for being safer for humans and the environment.

To make our process as sustainable as possible, we take actions such as reintegrate waste material as residual drywall boards and use water from our high technology treatment plant.

Learn more of our products and construction system at www.panelrey.com.

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