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Spec Mix

Since 1990, the SPEC MIX® organization has continuously introduced high performance, preblended cementitious products and material delivery systems to optimize daily jobsite to the construction industry. With more than 60 production facilities strategically positioned throughout North America and over 80 highly trained product specialists that work hand-in-hand with building owners, designers and contractors, our team ensures that only the best stucco and masonry products are used to build projects steep in integrity, durability and aesthetic value. Our line of SPEC MIX basecoat stucco products are the perfect component for any hard coat exterior wall system.

Product quality and consistency is our promise. Before a single bag is produced, SPEC MIX stucco formulations are field tested by product applicators for workability and laboratory tested to meet the requirements of building codes and specifications. Then our basecoat stuccos are computer batched and packaged under tight quality control measures to eliminate the inconsistencies common with field-mixed stucco. The efficiencies and increased productivity of preblended SPEC MIX Stucco, when coupled with our innovative material delivery systems, allows contractors to meet project schedules without concern over inferior product being applied on the wall.

SPEC MIX Fiber Basecoat

SPEC MIX preblended stuccos are dry, pre-blended cement based stuccos engineered using a proprietary formula computer batched for consistency and performance unmatched by field-mixed stucco. SPEC MIX FBC is a code approved product, (Intertek CCRR-0231), with a specially blended ASTM C 897 sand gradation that provides high flexural strength, workability and finishing properties while reducing cracking. Designed for both one- and three-coat wall systems. Preblended SPEC MIX Scratch and Brown Stucco (with or without fiber) comply to requirements of three coat stucco ASTM C 926. All SPEC MIX facilities certify that SPEC MIX stucco products are produced to meet the applicable specifications and ASTM standards. Our stucco products are available in 80 lb. (36.2 kg) bags and 3,000 lb. (1,360.7 kg) bulk bags to be used with SPEC MIX material delivery systems. (To download a product data sheet, visit SPECMIX.com/ product/fiber-base-coat.)

SPEC MIX Stucco Delivery Systems Increase Productivity & Cut Waste

Whether the project is large or small, contractors that combine a SPEC MIX silo delivery system with our FBC stucco, the savings through reduced labor costs, safety and higher productivity, make the SPEC MIX system far more cost effective than field-mixed stucco. With SPEC MIX there is no shoveling sand or room for error—just add water and mix. The product meets project specifications and standards every time while traditional field mixing methods can lead to inconsistent product, reduced productivity, wasted materials and labor. SPEC MIX products and silo systems are environmentally friendly and generate LEED points (MR 2.1, MR 5.1). SPEC MIX is an innovator in premixed stucco development and has led the pre-blended construction products industry by following our core objectives: High quality, consistency and efficiency. Now is the time for stucco contractors to capitalize on SPEC MIX innovation.

For more information on SPEC MIX products, go to SPECMIX.com.

June 2021 | Volume 84 | Issue 6

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