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Trimaco, LLC

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Trimaco is dedicated to helping customers achieve jobsite confidence by offering an expansive selection of high-performing jobsite and personal protection products, including heavy duty floor and surface protection, dust containment systems, protective wear and more. We know that confidence on the jobsite depends on having the right products to get the job done right, the first time.

Heavy Duty Surface Protection

Trimaco has the surface protection you need--whether it’s flame retardant, slip resistant, breathable, impact resistant, leak resistant, heavy duty, lighter duty, recyclable, chemical resistant, reusable, even dust-free.

Choose from four different board protection products from Trimaco - FloorShell® ProBoard™, FloorShell®, X•Board®, and X•Paper®. All are breathable, protecting most hard floor types from scratches, paint, dust and dirt. Worried about spills? The three heaviest duty options are armed with Spill Block™ liquid repellent technology to shield against paint, mud, water and more. FloorShell® ProBoard™ and FloorShell® can withstand forklifts and scissor lifts.

Trimaco’s Heavy Duty SuperTuff® Tack Back Surface Protector is a popular choice when slip resistant surface protection is required. Made of two layers, the top layer is impact resistant and absorbent, catching tough spills. An aqueous pressure-sensitive adhesive lines the bottom layer so it stays put, even protecting vertical surfaces.

When dust free surface protection is a must, Aqua Shield® is a great solution. Available in flame retardant and non-FR (non-flame retardant) versions, both come in multiple thicknesses—from 10 mil up to 40 mil. The 40 mil option holds up against forklifts and scissor lifts. All are leak proof and slip resistant.

Dust Containment Systems

Trimaco’s E-Z Up® collection of dust containment solutions protects against paint overspray and all kinds of dust, including airborne, combustible, silica and more.

Trimaco Heavy Duty E-Z Up® Dust Containment Poles work with plastic sheeting to create a dust barrier on the jobsite. The heavy duty aluminum construction is available in three maximum heights – 12’, 16’ and 20’. Simply clip the plastic onto the quick clip and adjust the pole to the ceiling height. The unique foot pedal ensures a snug fit. Use the Trimaco E-Z Up® Peel + Stick Zipper to create an instant doorway in and out of the work space.

Temporary Wall Systems

SpeedyRoom™ Temporary Wall System gives contractors the ability to zone off areas quickly with an affordable product that’s easy to install (no tools required!). The polypropylene walls go up quickly and are twice as thick as traditional corrugated plastic—and 3-4 times as dense. Using the different connectors, the walls can be assembled in various configurations to create corridors, offices, storage areas and more. SpeedyRoom™ is ideal for any open space that needs to be broken into smaller zones. It’s also reusable and easy to clean.

Protective Wear

Trimaco’s dependable personal protective equipment (PPE) includes a large range of coveralls, from lightweight breathable coveralls that protect from dust and light overspray to microporous bilaminate coveralls that protect from paint, stains and liquids.

If you’re looking for dependable, all-day protection, DuPont™ Tyvek® Coveralls are a great choice. Breathable for all day comfort, these durable low-static, low-linting protective coveralls block liquids and airborne particles.

From heavy duty surface protectors to dust containment products and protective wear - Trimaco’s got you covered. Get the job done right--with confidence--using Trimaco products for personal and jobsite protection.

June 2021 | Volume 84 | Issue 6

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