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May 2022  |   Volume 85  |  Issue 5

May 2022

Volume 85  |  Issue 5


Runs Like a Machine

A highly-oiled, independent insulation outfit learns that teamwork is the absolute goal for success.

Continuous Insulation: A Modern, Energy-Efficient Solution For Builders and Building Owners

The rise of CI in building practices presents smart, sophisticated solutions for builders in the 21st century.

Top 25 Ceiling Contractors

W&C’s annual roster of this country’s top ceiling contractors.

Faux Real?

Curb appeal, performance and ease-of-installation of resin-cast shapes.

The Impact of Air Barriers on the Thermal Performance of the Building Envelope

How tight should a building be? How effective are air barriers? How much energy can you save?

Understanding How Fiber Cement and Other Cladding Materials Can Influence Building Wrap Performance

Knowing how a building’s cladding system will interact with the WRB will help design a wall system that works in harmony to protect against mold, rot and other moisture-related issues.

Urbanization and Indoor Air Quality: How Continuous Insulation Improves Building Efficiencies

How can the AEC community create buildings and spaces that promote improved IAQ and occupant wellness?

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Front (left to right): Chris Rzepkowski and Scott Letcher; Back (left to right) Bob DeVere and Jerry Palmer.


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Train Your Culture to Care |  Mark Fowler

Art and Craft of Plastering

Hemp as a Raw Building Material  |  Patrick Webb

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Blending Masonry Products to Achieve a Contemporary Look 

While the original commercial passenger terminal was constructed in 1952, it wasn’t until the 1990s—when commuter airlines became more prevalent—that Alpena’s civilian air travel expanded enough to qualify for Federal Airport Improvement funds. By 2018, county and airport officials were ready to update operations by replacing the long-standing terminal with a more expansive and updated facility.

CISCA 2022 Construction Excellence Award Winners

The Ceilings & Interior Systems Construction Association has announced its 2022 Construction Excellence Award winners.

CISCA Construction Excellence Awards
Echelon Masonry Airport Terminal
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Font, Collar
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May 2022  |  Volume 85  |  Issue 5

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